Plant Seller Agreement


Article I: General

The information in this agreement details the nature of the business relationship between Plant seller and Company, plantbaby. The nature of this business relationship is, at will, and either party may end the relationship at any time, meaning that the Plant seller no longer lists their products for sale on the Company’s platform.

Article II:  The Plants

  1. Quality: Due to the nature of plants being a living product, it is important that the Plant seller sells plants that:
    1. Have roots in a way that is in alignment with market expectations for either an established plant or cutting.
    2. Are pest and disease free.
    3. Are free of major damage
    4. Are described accurately on the platform so that customers are satisfied with their purchase.
  2. Sustainability: At plantbaby, sustainability in the making, selling, and delivering of plants is our ultimate aim. In general, this means creating plants to sell in the most simplistic way possible using little to no other products than are absolutely necessary to plant creation (if any). To that end, plant sellers must:
    1. Use soil or mediums that do not contain peat moss and instead have more environmentally sustainable materials.
    2. If fertilizers are used, they are organic fertilizers; preferably ones that tout how they are sustainably produced.
    3. If containers or pots are used, they are ones that are reused rather than bought new whenever possible.
    4. NOTE: As the science and research develops, so too will plantbaby.
  3. Plant Delivery or Pickup: Once the customer purchases the plant online, the plant seller agrees to allow customers, at checkout, to decide whether to pick up the plant at the plant seller’s designated address or for the plant to be delivered (via plantbaby driver pickup. 

Article III:  Plant Pricing

At plantbaby, we believe that plants are good for humans and the planet.  To that end, our aim is to eventually make all plants, including rarer ones, available and accessible from a price standpoint for an average income level. Therefore, when the plant seller is selling and pricing plants, we expect that: 

  1. Plants are priced within reasonable market expectations.
  2. Plant sellers are not engaging in “plant flipping” where plants are purchased for the sole purpose to immediately resell them in a way that price gouges customers.
  3. Plant stock is sourced legally (eg; one cannot gather native plants in the wild without required permits etc).
  4. Plants that have an active patent are not eligible to be listed on the plantbaby platform. Plants with a patent typically have the patent # on the tag when purchased. Or, if you inherited the plants and are unsure, you can always check here.

Article IV:  Company Fees

Fees to list your plants on the plantbaby platform are specified below:

  1. 10% of overall sales revenue. NOTE:  About 3% (of the 10%) goes directly to Shopify.
  2. Depending on what the Plant seller can offer in terms of skills or other benefits, the above fee can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Article V:  Payments to Plant seller

Revenue received by plantbaby for the sale of plant seller plants will be paid out to the seller, less any fees, on a reasonable schedule (eg; biweekly or monthly).

  1. All plant sales are final which is made explicit on the platform.

Questions, comments, or suggestions about this agreement should be directed to