Our Story

Plantbaby was born out of a love of plants, plant diversity, and the concept of sustainability and the circular economy. When we moved to Beacon Hill, Seattle several years ago, we began doing our normal gardening and bringing in houseplants to green up the house inside. 

All the while, we kept noticing how there are so many healthy plants all around us in the community that are not available to purchase forcing us to buy plants the traditional way, through brick-and-mortar stores or nurseries with the hopes of finding “that one plant” we saw in a Seattle neighborhood or home. We love our local nurseries, but we wanted to be able to access the plant diversity directly from our community more easily.

The plantbaby marketplace aims to solve all of this by unlocking the plant diversity that our communities already have through local plant growers. All plants are local because we have all the plants we need, right here, and our plants don’t love to be shipped across the country and wrapped in a bunch of packaging. 

Plants are the only products that freely regenerate themselves. Let’s capture that beauty and share it. We have lots planned for you, stay with us.