Our Story

Plantbaby was born out of a love of plants, plant diversity, and the concept of sustainability and the circular economy. We’re on a mission to take the plant industry completely sustainable.  Because, after all, if the plant industry can’t be sustainable for our planet, what can? To that end, all our plants are peat-free and grown by local Seattle area growers. This is just our first step in moving towards a more sustainable plant economy in Seattle.  

We also want to access the plant diversity directly from our community more easily and not be stuck buying whatever larger wholesalers decided to grow that year. We want better plant quality, selection, and variety. Plantbaby aims to solve all of this by unlocking the plant diversity that our communities already have through supporting local plant growers with a platform to list their plants, as well as offering marketing and local delivery.

Plants are the only products that regenerate themselves free of charge. Let’s capture that beauty and share it. We’re putting a stop to the economy leaving plants behind. After all, without plants, where would we be?  We have lots planned for you, stay with us.